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Window Cleaning StockportYou might be surprised to learn that Maid2Maid also offers pure water window cleaning in Stockport and Surrounding areas with the aim of leaving your windows cleaner for longer with no residue or build-up on their surface. Pure water is water that has been processed to remove any minerals and impurities that if left in would potentially lead to lime scale spots and streaks. The fact that Maid2Maid use pure water means that we can offer you superior cleaning power without the need for chemicals, that is better for the environment too. The other great news is that we don't use ladders for our window cleaning service, which is a bonus for you as commercial ladders are often quite heavy and can cause damage to your property. So, no holes in the lawn or your prized borders here! It is important to remember, though, that it can sometimes take two or three cleans to get your windows as spotless as we would like. This is because it will take a certain amount of time to remove all the film that has been previously left on the glass. So, if there are a few streaks or spots left on your window after the first clean, don't panic! In no time at all we will ensure that your windows are perfectly clean.   For more information on our window cleaning Stockport services please give us a call today on 0161 217 1332



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