Domestic Cleaning Services

At Maid2Maid, we truly believe that home cleaning is a professional activity that demands extra special care and attention. We want you to look around your home and think that it looks the best it ever has. Our super-efficient team follow our meticulous domestic cleaning process to ensure that no stone is left unturned (or uncleaned) with the end goal of exceeding your expectations. We visit every area that you have granted us permission to clean, and we clean it from top to bottom, left to right. We have local cleaners in Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme, Heald Green, Hazel Grove, Marple, Poynton and all across the Stockport area.   Our years of experience have shown us that no two homes are the same, so our first step after you have booked us is to arrange a no obligation home visit in order to discuss your individual requirements and see exactly which areas you would like to prioritise. This unique service means that we get a feel for what you need and can offer you a tailor-made service that adapts to your lifestyle. But as we said before, you can customise your cleaning package to suit your needs and budget. Add any of our additional services, or delete any of a regular services - your package is up to you.   Whatever your cleaning needs, Maid2Maid can meet them. So, why not give Paul or Shirley a call today - we will be more than happy to discuss your cleaning requirements


Scroll below to see the services included in our Domestic Cleaning Packages :

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning to a very high standard


  • Wipe down Cupboards from the Outside & Inside if requested
  • Clean microwave from Inside & Out
  • Clean Hob Inside & out
  • Clean Fridge and Oven Inside & out
  • Wipe down Washing Machine/ Tumble Drier/ Dish Washer/ Kettle, Toaster, Mixer
  • Do The Washing Up & Clean sink/ Taps/ Empty Bins


Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning to a very high standard


  • Clean Bath/ Tiles/ Shower Cabinet
  • Wipe down Shelves/ Window Ledges/All Surfaces/ Skirting’s
  • Wipe down Doors
  • Clean & disinfect Toilet from Inside and Out
  • Wash Floor


Living Room/Dining Room/Bedrooms

Living room/dining room cleaning to a very high standard


  • Change Bedding & Dust All Surfaces
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Wipe down Picture Frames/ Window Ledges/ Fireplace/ Tables/ Skirting’s
  • Vacuum Carpet/ Mop all floors, Ironing Service Also Included
  • Clean All Windows from The Inside



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