Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

What Are The Most Common Ones and How Can You Avoid Them? 

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you have fresh, clean carpets – it not only makes you feel great, but it also gives your guests a wonderful first impression, which is really important at this time of year. You may have thought about cleaning your carpets yourself in the past, especially if you have seen one of the many adverts for ‘professional’ carpet cleaning machines for hire. They make it look so easy; you couldn’t be blamed for thinking it is a great way to save money and get the result you want.

Unfortunately, as a company who offer carpet cleaning in Stockport, we are well aware of the fact that the results are usually not what you are expecting. We have had many customers who have tried to use a hired machine and afterwards have called us to come and do the job anyway. This can be for many reasons but the main one is that carpet cleaning machines that are available for hire tend to be small and light so that you can lift it and get it into your car easily. However, this means that they also tend to be lighter on power that of course affects the results. As Stockport Carpet Cleaners who clean carpets on a daily basis, the commercial machines we use are big and weighty giving us more water pressure, more heat and more vacuum which will leave your carpets cleaner, dryer and brighter.Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

The most common problems we have come across when people try to clean their own carpets are:

  • Shrinkage – This is usually caused by excess moisture. Without the extensive cleaning knowledge that our team have, it is likely that many people will use too much water when they are cleaning their carpet and if the water reaches the backing material (and it isn’t synthetic) then, the carpet will shrink.
  • Browning Discolouration – Excessive wetting of carpets can also cause the tips of the fibres within the carpet to turn brown or black. This is because as the carpet dries the water rises to the surface bringing everything dissolved in it, and as the water evaporates it leaves everything behind. If the carpet is over wet and, therefore, dries slowly, any soil and high-alkaline residue will be left on the tips causing the carpet to look brown.
  • Delamination – Another problem caused by overwetting carpets is delamination. This is when the secondary backing of the carpet separates from the primary backing. The excess water left in the carpet while cleaning tends to break down the latex glue that then causes buckling, rippling and separation from carpet tacks.
  • Mould – If too much moisture is used during the carpet cleaning process or the carpet is not dried well enough, mould can build up. Mould spores are commonly found in the air and all they need is moisture, oxygen, a food source and a surface to grow on. A damp carpet with some dust on is an ideal spot for mould to grow, especially if the carpet backing is wet as well.
  • Re-soiling – Getting the correct mixture of detergent and water is a complex process and is something that our team of Stockport carpet cleaners receive lots of training on. For a non-professional using a hired carpet cleaner, it is quite a difficult process that can lead to them leaving a large amount of detergent behind on the carpet that can result in a bit of a sticky mess that leads to the carpet being re-soiled again in a very short time.

So, although you may save money in the short term by hiring a carpet cleaner yourself, you will actually cost yourself more money in the long run as you will need to call in a professional to come and sort your carpet out afterwards anyway!

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