Deep Cleaning: An Office Cleaning in Stockport Speciality

It is relatively safe to say that every office will need a deep clean from time to time – regardless of whether you currently use office cleaning in Stockport or not.  When we talk about a deep clean, we don’t mean the kind of tidying and dusting that takes place on a daily basis. A deep clean is a more intense cleaning task, which can cause a little bit of disruption but despite this, a deep clean is essential as even the most thorough commercial cleaning services can’t cover every little cleaning job around the office on a daily basis.

If you are considering whether you need a deep clean of your office, then start by asking yourself when was the last time you had a deep clean? If the answer is never or so long ago you can’t remember, then you definitely need to book one in as soon as possible. Another thing that may prompt a deep clean is a pending visit by an influential client as it is possible that they will scrutinise your office closely.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that you already have an office cleaning service coming into your office on a regular basis; you may be wondering what difference a deep clean would make. What sort of tasks would they undertake in a deep clean that they don’t undertake during their normal schedule? Well, we can’t answer that totally in this blog because it will depend on what your particular commercial cleaner offers. Keep in mind though, that the more services you can get as part of your contract, the better.

However, in most cases, you should find that a deep-cleaning service should offer most of the following cleaning tasks:

Bathroom Cleaning – Your bathroom will be cleaned to a high degree on a normal commercial contract, but a deep clean will ensure every inch of it is scrubbed, so it looks as good as new again.

Carpet Cleaning – Although your office may be vacuumed on a daily basis, a deep clean will probably include a shampoo or steaming of the carpet to really freshen it up. You should be aware that this may include the moving of desks and other furniture that is not normally moved.

Keyboard and Phone Sanitisation – This is something that most employers rely on their employees keeping on top of, but in most cases, it just doesn’t happen. During a deep clean your commercial cleaning company will ensure that this is undertaken.

Kitchen De-Greasing – If you have a kitchen or hot drink making facilities for your employees then it is probably an area of your office that gets a lot of use. De-greasing it is a hard job that can be a long and hard task in its own right. However, it is an essential job to undertake for both hygiene and fire safety reasons as well as for appearance’s sake.

Tile Steaming – Most reputable cleaning companies will have a steamer which they can not only use for your carpets but your tiles as well, meaning your bathroom and kitchen area will look sparkling in no time at all.

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