Is After Hours Office Cleaning in Stockport More Beneficial?

As you have probably realised, we offer office cleaning in Stockport, but did you know that we offer two options within this to enable us to fit in with your business? We can either come in during the day, or we also offer an after hours service as well. Whichever option you go for, you are guaranteed to get the same pristine outcome at a great price. However, we have seen more and more people recently plump for the after-hours option, which may be for the following reasons:

It’s Quicker

If you think about it logically, it can be hard to clean an office during the day as people are trying to do their jobs and so the cleaners are just going to get in their way. If the cleaning team come in after-hours, then there are no employees or visitors around to get in the way, and our cleaners can get around much quicker and finish the job off in no time at all.

Less Disruption

Carrying on with this theme of there being no one around at night, not only does this mean that the cleaning tasks will be completed more quickly but there will also be less disruption for your employees and visitors. Obviously, using a professional team like Maid2Maid for your office cleaning needs means that even in the day disruption will be kept to a minimum, but there will still be some disruption – and this may lead to unhappy employees. Using our out of hours service means that you not only is this more convenient but it may also be more cost-effective for you as well.

Better Results

Although we clean to a high standard whatever time of day we are cleaning, during the day, it can be harder to get some of the more trickier jobs done as there are visitors milling around and employees at their desks. The job will still get done, of course, but it can be a slower process. Enabling us to undertake office cleaning at night makes it much simpler for us to do a deep clean, and you will see better results.

Cost Saving

All that most businesses are bothered about is the bottom line, and using an out of hours office cleaning in Stockport service can save you money in the long run. A cleaning job that takes us two hours in the day, for example, may only take an hour at night and this will obviously lead to a cost-saving.

First Impressions

Just imagine how happy your employees will be to walk into a sparking and pristine office every morning. What a great way for them to start the day. It will also leave early morning visitors with a great first impression as well.

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