An Office Cleaning Companies Guide to Wowing Your Businesses Visitors


We all know that old saying “You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression”. As cliché as it may seem, as a company who offer office cleaning in Stockport, we know how true it actually is. If you are running any sort of business and want to impress visitors, then your attitude to the cleanliness of your premises is a good indication for them of your approach to business in general. So, if you want to leave people with the best possible impression of your business, you need to wow them from the start.

To do this, it may be wise to get some help from a professional office cleaning company, like ourselves. Not only can we keep your premises looking spick and span from day to day, we can also offer you a deep clean if you have an important visit coming up.

There is a lot to think about when considering commercial cleaning, as it is not just the inside of your building that you need to ensure is clean. With this in mind here is our list of things you need to consider in order to create the best first impression, for both guests and employees.


Think about it. Before your visitor even gets inside your building, they have to get to your building. Therefore, any signage you have directing them to your car park or building should be considered in your cleaning process. If they can’t find your building as your sign is too dirty to read, then this could be a disaster!

Car Park

Talking about car parks, the outdoor areas surrounding your business also count for a lot when it comes to first impressions as well. Even if the interior of your building is sparkling clean, having a dirty car park may well put many people off. Having a tidy and clean car park will set the tone for the rest of the visit, and give visitors the best impression of your business possible.

Building Exterior

So, your visitors have been impressed with your signage and car park, and now they have just laid eyes on your commercial premises. Think about their journey into the building, and what they will focus their attention on – such as lighting, walkways and entrances. Your office cleaning, therefore, needs to look at the outside of your building as well as the interior.


One of the places many businesses fall down on is windows. These should be streak free, fingerprint free and let in as much light as possible. Employing a commercial window cleaner on a regular basis will ensure your windows are kept in great condition all year round.

Entrance Areas

Once in the building, the first place that your visitor will see is the entrance area. Everything about this area will probably be scrutinised, including flooring and mats. Having a dirty floor here is a definite no-no, and so even your basic office cleaning schedule should ensure this is taken care of.

Everywhere Else

To finish off, the rest of the key office cleaning tasks you need to think about are the most obvious. Ensuring all of your employees know that they have a part to play in keeping on top of cleaning tasks in the office on a daily basis means that the payoff should be easy to see.

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