Professional Window Cleaning

Why Should You Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Service?

As commercial cleaners in Stockport, we know the difference that clean windows can make to your home or office; they not only improve overall appearance, but also make the inside feel much brighter. However, did you know that having your windows cleaned by a professional window cleaning service in Stockport can also help to prevent any problems with your windows as well? There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a professional cleaner for the job, here are some the best reasons:

Professional window cleaning

Time Saving

Cleaning your windows can be a time-consuming task and one that many people underestimate. Did you know that for the average home, the time you would need to spend to clean all of the windows would be about 5 hours? So, save yourself some time on a weekend, and get a professional window cleaning service in Stockport in to do the job – they will finish the job much much quicker!

Problem Spotting

As we mentioned earlier, a professional commercial cleaner will be able to spot potential problems as they are completing the task – such as wood rot on windowsills or ill-fitting windows. The fact that they can tell you about such problems early on could save you a lot of money. Some of these problems could even affect your safety. For example, a sash window that has been painted shut, may prevent you from exiting the building in the case of a fire.

Dealing with Insect Infestations

Small insects like bees and hornets can build nests behind shutters, and wasps can even build paper-like nests between window panels. Ladybirds are a nuisance as well, as they can build their nests inside the window channels and make your windows difficult to open. Your window cleaner will be able to spot these as they are cleaning the window, so they can inform you of any such problems and you can act accordingly.

Extend Window Life

If your windows have been in place for many years, there may be a build-up of deposits on the glass, which can make them more prone to chips and cracks. A good window cleaner will be able to go some way to restoring the glass, and potentially extend its life – which can save you hassle and money in the long run.

Correct Tools and Equipment

Obviously, your professional window cleaner will come equipped with the right tools for the job, such as ladders and telescopic cleaning implements, which will help them to reach hard to clean windows. They will also use the correct cleaning fluids for the job, as fluids such as ammonia-based cleaners, will damage stained glass or leaded glass.

Prevent Spots on Your Windows

As commercial cleaners in Stockport, we get many people asking us what is causing the spots on their windows. More often than not, we find that they are caused by the compost that people are using in their gardens. If people are using cheaper compost, it is often infested with a fungus called ‘shotgun fungus’ that shoots out black spores which glue themselves to your window and are really difficult to remove. If your window cleaners notice these spots and identify the issue, you can then change your compost which will help to keep your windows cleaner for longer!

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