Do You Live In A Pigsty?

As a company who offer residential cleaning services in the UK, it was a bit of a shock to us to discover that around 60% of Brits have given up on cleaning their house, with around a million people admitting to living in a home that they would describe as ‘a pigsty’!! With our busy lifestyles these days, it seems that even the simplest housekeeping task has fallen by the wayside with many people saying that they were just too busy to bother.

The research showed that more than one in five of us have refused to invite people into our homes as we are embarrassed by the state of it. It also revealed that a lot of us are not happy with the state of our homes, with around 63% stating that their homes were not as clean as they wanted them to be.

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Interestingly, 39% just didn’t like cleaning, while 21% said that they weren’t very good at it, and just over 50% of people are simply too busy to clean. A whopping 42% of Brits have never cleaned their home from top to bottom, and of the 58% who stated that they had, the majority of them had not done this within the last five months.

A rather disgusting one in ten people owned up to not cleaning their bathroom or getting the vacuum cleaner out in the last month, with one in twenty admitting to not washing any clothes in the past month or doing any ironing for over a year!!! What are these people wearing?!

More than 60% of the survey respondents admitted that they thought they would never experience a spotless home again, with 30% saying that their homes were so messy that their friends had commented on it. A whopping 55% of people said they had argued about the mess with their other half.

One thing that did make us giggle is that 73% of respondents admitted to shoving things behind cushions or under sofas so that the clutter is out of sight, out of mind! Another popular trick is to just shut the door of the messiest room when friends come round!

It is a sorry state of affairs really, and a little bit sad. After all, your home should be your haven – somewhere where you can rest and relax and feel the cares of the day just melting away. As a company who offer various cleaning services, including carpet cleaning services in Manchester, our advice would be to break down the task of cleaning into chunks. Do one small task, such as dusting, or hoovering, once a day spread over the week, rather than trying to tackle it all in one go. Alternatively, if you really want to make a good job of it, why not call on us and we can send round our fabulous residential cleaning team to get you off to a great start, and get your home back on track?

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