Embarrassing Stain Removal

We have been offering services including carpet stain removal and upholstery cleaning in Stockport for many years now, and have come across many gross (and sometimes embarrassing) stains in our time. We’ve all been there – maybe the cat keeps peeing on the rug, or there is a sudden weird smell in the sink – whatever the issue, here is our round-up of the best way to clean up your embarrassing stains:

Sweat Stains on Clothes

If your deodorant is not strong enough, or you are just having one of those days, you can end up with sweat stains on your clothes – and these are never a good look. The best way to get rid of them is to mix together equal parts of water and lemon juice, soak the offending garment in it and then wash as normal.

Blood Stains

These can be a little trickier to deal with – but not impossible. If the blood is fresh, then blot the stain with a wet cloth or soak it in cold water immediately. If this doesn’t work, then pour on some hydrogen peroxide (available from your chemist), wipe away the foam and then repeat until the stain is gone. For dried on stains you can try toothpaste (yes really) on fabric or meat tenderizer powder on sturdier fabrics such as denim. The enzymes in both these products will help to break down the blood particles.

Pet Urine

If you have a dog or a cat, and there are a lot of pet lovers in the UK, then you are going to have to deal with removing pet urine at some point. As for removing it, well it all depends on what you are trying to remove it from. For carpets and rugs, try steam cleaning or enzymatic cleaners such as specialist stain removal treatments. For tile floors just give them a good scrub with some hydrogen peroxide. If the smell is on something leather, such as a couch for example, then try cleaning with vinegar or placing some cat litter over the affected area for 24 hours.

Smelly Furniture

If you have smelly furniture, for whatever reason, just head into the kitchen and grab some baking soda. Place a thick sprinkling over your upholstery and leave for as long as possible. If it is a sunny day and the piece isn’t too big for you to move, you should try and leave it outside -just make sure it is in the shade as the sun will bleach your fabric. If you can’t get rid of the smell in your room, then try leaving a bowl of vinegar on the windowsill for a day or two or hiding some bars of soap out of sight – this should get rid of the smell quickly.

A Smelly Sink

There are lots of ways you can naturally get rid of bad smells in your sink, such as good old hot water and washing up liquid, baking soda and vinegar, or even lemon peel and hot water.

For more help with stubborn stains that you just don’t want to tackle yourself, give us a call on 0161 217 1332 or drop us an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to help you out.