Office Cleaning Stockport – The Most Common Mistakes We See

What Are The Most Common Mistakes We See When It Comes to Office Cleaning in Stockport?

As a business owner, keeping your office clean is probably not top of your priority list. In fact, you are probably still managing it in-house which is understandable, but as a company who offer commercial cleaning services, we know that it is highly likely that there are probably a few common mistakes you are making. This article will give you a quick overview of these common cleaning mistakes to help you to stop making them:

Not Reading Instructions

When it comes to cleaning your office, it has been shown that the majority of accidents and injuries that occur in relation to cleaning products, both in the home and in a commercial environment, can be put down to the instructions on the cleaning products not being properly read. On top of this, if you don’t read the instructions properly then you may not be getting the best of the products you are using.

Inadequate Protection

Whenever you do any cleaning, you should always wear gloves. A lot of cleaning products contain some degree of chemicals, and so you need to protect yourself from that. If you don’t wear gloves, then the damage to your skin may not show immediately, but it will over time.

The Right Tool for The Job

If you only have one cloth that you are using to clean everything, then you are not doing the job properly. Not only are you at risk of spreading germs throughout the room, but every cleaning tool has its purpose and its limitations. Use the right tool for the job, and you will get a much better result.

The Right Produce for The Job

As above, the same advice goes for cleaning products. Certain creams and sprays do advertise themselves as multi-purpose, but you should always read the instructions to check that you are not using the wrong cleaner on the wrong surface – as you could end up destroying your favourite piece of office furniture.

Direct Contact

If you talk to most people, they will say that when cleaning, they spray the product directly onto the surface. However, this is not the right way to do it. Our experience shows us that the most efficient way to clean is to spray the product onto the cloth you are using and then wipe the surface. This will not only enable you to use less product and so be more economical, but will also mean your clean is more effective.

Overlooking Hidden Spots

We know from experience that a lot of places in the office that look clean and tidy can often be the most unhygienic areas. Things such as door handles, cupboard handles, telephones and computer mice can often harbour a huge number of germs, but can easily be overlooked in the cleaning process.

Not Emptying Your Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are unable to do their job properly if they are close to capacity or full. This also means that they may start tossing dirt and debris back into the air as well. So, rather than waiting for your vacuum cleaner to tell you it is full, be proactive and empty it when it is 75% full rather than 100%.

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