The Top Five Benefits of Good Oven Cleaning

As cleaners in Edgeley, we know that oven cleaning is one of the most hated and time-consuming cleaning chores! Understandably, people do not want to spend what little spare time they have with their head in the oven scrubbing away. Unfortunately, as most of us use our ovens on a daily basis, it is a task that needs undertaking regularly, which is why we are often asked ‘what is the best way to clean an oven?’

Domestic cleaning services

Obviously, cleaning up any spillages and grease immediately after each use will go a little way to delaying the inevitable deep clean, however, we do recommend that you give your oven a really good intensive clean at least every couple of months (if not more regularly – depending on use). If the thought of this causes you despair, then why not enlist the help of an oven cleaning service provider, like ourselves, to do the dirty work for you? Hiring a professional cleaner to take on this job for you will provide you with the following five benefits:

A Really Thorough Clean

Not many people realise, but it is practically impossible to do this without taking the whole oven apart. Most people have no idea how to actually remove the door from their oven, never mind how they are going to fit it into the sink to clean it! This is where professional cleaners come into their own, as they have both the skills and knowledge needed to take this job off your hands. They will be easily able to remove your oven door and dismantle internal components, without causing any damage. This way, you can ensure your oven gets a really deep cleanse, and there will be no DIY mishaps that mean that you have to eat microwave meals for a week!

Time Saving

Sadly, cleaning your oven is not a ten-minute job and will more than likely take you a few hours at least! Today most people live hectic lives, and generally housekeeping can be low on their list of priorities – never mind oven cleaning! However, having a clean oven will actually save you time in the long run. Not only will taking on a professional save you the time, but having a clean oven also means that heat is distributed more evenly. So it heats up quicker, making it more efficient.

Money Saving

Although taking on the services of a professional oven cleaner will cost you money, you will actually save money in the long run. As mentioned above, when the oven is clean it will heat up quicker, and the heat will be more evenly distributed, which will decrease energy usage and reduce energy costs. Also, the fact that the oven door is clean enough to see through will prevent you from opening the door to check on food, which stops heat from escaping too. Plus, keeping on top of the cleaning helps with your oven maintenance and will extend its lifespan.

Health & Safety

If your oven is filthy, there is probably a build-up of grease and fat inside it which can increase the risk of a fire. There is likely to be a lot of bacteria harboured in there as well which doesn’t make it a great environment for cooking your food in. Regular deep cleaning of your oven will remove the build-up of grease and fat and therefore reduce the risk of a fire and prevent bacteria.

Food Quality

Last but not least, an unclean oven will not distribute the heat efficiently and some of the fat and grease may evaporate into the air that your food is cooked in – which is not a nice thought. Mopping up spills as they happen and having your oven professionally cleaned on a regular basis will really help to improve the quality of your food as well.

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