Why Is Cleaning Your Windows So Important?

Window Cleaning Tips

We all know how important it is to look after our teeth by cleaning them every morning and evening, as it helps to keep our teeth and gums healthy and prevents us from getting cavities. However, as cleaners in Hazel Grove, we know that this concept is not applied to other things in our lives, such as certain aspects of our homes. Sticky, dirty floors tend to be tackled straightaway, whereas dirty windows are lived with for much longer. You might be surprised to learn that we offer a window cleaning service as part of our cleaning services, but we do. This is because we think having sparkling clean windows is a really important part of house cleaning – and here is why:

Glass StructureProfessional window cleaning

Glass is a porous material that collects dirt over time and this makes it more fragile and can cause loss of transparency. Others issues include the appearance of pigmented spots which may accommodate the growth of microorganisms which can ruin the glass in your window completely. Common enemies of glass and the main reasons why your windows need regular cleaning include:

  • Acid rain – which is still a more common problem than you might think
  • Hard minerals – from building run off and sprinkler systems
  • Overspray – from accidental paint, chalk or mortar particles
  • Oxidisation – caused by metal window frames or covers
  • Sea Spray – living near the coast will cause salt to build up on your windows

Heat Efficiency

You may not realise this, but the amount of dirt on your windows could affect the overall heat efficiency of your home. Dirt particles on the surface of the glass and in its pores, will reflect more UV light back out which will prevent it from entering your home and heating it up during the cooler months of the year. This issue is worsened if you have low-efficiency windows as well, as this can lead to a gradual increase in hearing expenses and potentially issues with mould in the long run.

Maintenance Costs

Just like with many other things, it is ten times cheaper to care for your windows correctly in the short term, than to pay out for a restoration process in the long run. Once your windows start to show the marks of time such as scratches and micro-cracks, it can be hard to reverse the process, if not impossible sometimes. You may end up destroying the glass completely if you don’t look after it correctly, and this will force you to replace the whole pane at some point – a costly business indeed.

The Look and Feel

If you run a business, having clean windows is essential, as dirty windows can really affect the way people view your business. Dirty windows can convey a feeling of carelessness and make your business seem less trustworthy. Having clean windows makes everything appear fresh and pleasant and can attract more visitors into your premises.

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