Embarrassing Stain Removal

We have been offering services including carpet stain removal and upholstery cleaning in Stockport for many years now, and have come across many gross (and sometimes embarrassing) stains in our time. We’ve all been there – maybe the cat keeps peeing on the rug, or there is a sudden weird smell in the sink – […]

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Do You Live In A Pigsty?

As a company who offer residential cleaning services in the UK, it was a bit of a shock to us to discover that around 60% of Brits have given up on cleaning their house, with around a million people admitting to living in a home that they would describe as ‘a pigsty’!! With our busy […]

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How Clean Is Your Office?

Why is it So Important to Have a Clean Office? The recent ‘Small Business Survey’ conducted by the technology firm Brother, revealed some interesting results – not least the fact that in the UK our desks are so messy that we spend 35.7 hours a year looking for lost paperwork. To make that more understandable, […]

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Cleaning Your Garden Furniture for Storage

Care and Cleaning Advice With the bright summer days and bank holiday memories already fading fast, you are probably thinking about storing away your garden furniture. As cleaners in Hazel Grove, who offer a professional upholstery cleaning service, we know that looking after all types of furniture is essential in order to prolong its life. […]

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